Western Union Transfer

PRICE: 40 – 50% of the transferred amount
The minimum amount per transfer is $300 and the maximum is $800.
The transfers will be mostly coming from the USA (approx. 90% of them) but you of course will pick up the money in your local currency.
Regular clients (3 transfers or more) will receive an extra -5% off.
Payments by cryptocurrency only (BTC/BCH/XMR/ZEC etc)
The MTCN and the sender’s details will be emailed to you in 60-90 minutes after the order is placed and paid for.
Our working hours: 10 AM – 5 PM UTC +3  (Monday – Saturday)
If the order is placed outside our working hours, your order will be processed the next day.
Please read the “Additional Information” (page bottom) and the FAQ before placing an order.



    Please double-check your information before submitting !


After receiving the MCTN and the sender’s details from us, you should pick up the transfer in a maximum of 6 hours.
The transfer details will be sent to the email address used during checkout and you will receive them in the following format :
MTCN:  123-456-7890
Sender First Name: John
Sender Last Name: Doe
Sender’s Country:  USA
Amount Sent: $500/417.62 EUR
Date Sent: March/21/2020
Transfer Status:  Available – The money transfer is ready for pick up. You can go to any WU location near you and pick up the money.
After receiving the MCTN and the sender’s details from us, you should pick up the transfer in a maximum of 6 hours.
If the transfer gets canceled in less than 6 hours, we will make a new one free of charge. Send us an email with your order details to [email protected]
You should not receive more than 2 transfers/day or more than 15 transfers/month under 1 name, and the amount received via Western Union per month under 1 name should not exceed $10.000 (USA/other countries) or 10.000 (EU countries).
If you’ll exceed these limits, Western Union’s system will put a block on your name and you won’t be able to receive any more money via WU, even if the transfers are legitimate (it has to do with their anti-money laundering policy).
The above limits are not the official Western Union receiving limits, we’re sharing this from our experience and from what some of our clients told us.
However, you can bypass these limits, you can buy 1 or more fake IDs and turn this into a full-time job.
This could be a great opportunity for you to make some good money if you got the balls and you’re willing to put some time and effort into it.
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